Underfloor Insulation

Is your home or rental up to standard?

SInsulation offers many different Underfloor insulation options ranging from a single layer polyester blanket to a triple layer polyester blanket.

SInsulation primarily uses a polyester underfloor blanket or friction fit segment. These range in R-values from R1.5 – R2.8 for a single layer.

Does your house have a ground moisture barrier?

The ground moisture brarrier is the layer of plastic installed to prevent moisture being absorbed into the floor. Up to 60 litres of water can be absorbed through the floor of your house daily. Putting a moisture barrier down can stop this, keeping your house drier and healthier. Ground moisture barriers also reduce condensation in homes.

Our Mission

To help Kiwis maintain a healthy, dry home or workplace by insulating them with top quality products.

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